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Processing:Professional vehicle accessories, good manufacturing processes and materialsvery different from unsatisfactory to good
Service life:several yearsa few months to ?
Authorisation:EEC and ECE approvalwithout *)
Price performance:Fair price for top qualityFrom cheap product with defects to overpriced
Mirror:Glass (curvature radius 1200mm according to EU regulation)Plastic (matt & blurred) or glass with partially unauthorised curvature radii
Field of vision:optimum size (larger: obstructed view, smaller: too little
little image)
often too small (thus distorted) to large irritating
Alignment:Ball joint: in any directiondifferent
Assembly:Can be fitted and removed in seconds after a single adjustment, universal for most rear-view mirrorsPartly adhesive and fixed, often only for certain vehicle types
Miscellaneous:Low-priced spare parts available on request for wholesalersMirror mountings may damage the vehicle or the paintwork
Price:€ 37,80 – 41,60 plus VAT.approx. € 10.00-64.95
*) no EEC approval
Consequence: possible loss of insurance in the event of an accident, expiry of the operating licence for the entire vehicle, dealer must draw attention to non-approved products.